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I'm Brent, a principal software engineer with a career-long focus on UIs and APIs. I specialize in the manufacturing and distribution industries and really enjoy the blend of physical and digital tech that comes along with this space. I also prefer to focus on smaller companies; ranging from pre-seed startups to a few thousand employees.

Enough about me though, check out my blog below. It's always hand-crafted with no AI.


Apr 05
What does it mean to be a senior software engineer?

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a Senior Engineer? Does it mean having the highest quality code, making code the fastest, or writing the most tests? Let's explore what makes a senior engineer.

Dec 29
Stateful Provider Pattern

Learn how to combine the Context API and state management hooks in react to create something that works like redux

Dec 05
Never Use Relative Imports Again

Avoid the perils of relative imports by using Webpack aliases. Learn why they are problematic, and how to configure your project so you never have to use a relative import again.

Jul 08
React Query – enabled option

Learn how to make the best use of the enabled option on the useQuery hook in React Query. Codesandbox included!

Jul 07
Spreading Remaining Props

Spreading remaining props with the rest parameter and spread operator (...) is a great way to simplify your components when used properly. Here are the ins and outs of spreading remaining props.